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Mr Warinus Strode is proud to present  two wonderful musical  instruments for  reproducing nostalgic  melodies from a bygone era for your pleasure and entertainment.

Both of these instruments are available for hire, and can be seen and heard by  clicking  on the links below:

The Fairground Organ -52/54 keyless Dean

An excellent musical attraction for promotional and fund-raising events, galas, Victorian Fairs,street fairs etc, this instrument will bring a true nostalgic atmosphere to your event with the authentic sound of the fairground carrying over a good distance (100 metres) but without being overbearing.

The  musical repertoire of approximately 100 tunes, covers the early years of the 20th century up to the 1960's with music hall favourites,marches,country music, ragtime and party tunes and there is also a considerable Christmas selection. The cardboard book music can be seen passing through the key frame as it plays.

Housed in a purpose built,fully illuminated trailer, the organ is most attractively decorated and has three moving figures consisting of a Bandmaster and two Bellringers. It can play in most locations with vehicular access and  in all but the most adverse of weather conditions  .A 240volt 13 amp power supply is required, but a generator can be provided 


The Pianola -88 note Bremar

Also known as a player piano, this 1925 instrument is a typical example of the entertainment found in the domestic home in the early part of the 20th century. It is in fact an early form of digital computer relying on vaccuum for its musical reproduction.

Over 100 pieces of music are carried, mainly from the 1920's and 1930's, the rolls reproducing  waltzes, foxtrots, ragtime and  classical music, with the piano keys moving  as though played by invisible hands. For those wishing to singalong, the song rolls have the words printed on them - an early form of karaoke! Some of the rolls are actually played by the composers themselves e.g Scott Joplin, Fats Waller and George Gershwin.

Also housed in a purpose built, illuminated trailer this instrument can provide entertainment outdoors  in dry weather or under cover e.g marquee or barn subject to vehicular access. A 240volt  domestic power supply is required, but for outdoor use a generator can be supplied.

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