Site Requirements

The Fairground Organ

1.The organ can play outdoors and in all but the most adverse of weather conditions

2. A reasonably level area, approx  25ft in length.,15 ft wide and a minimum headroom clearance of 8ft is required

3. Vehicular access minimum width  8 ft and headroom 8 ft is required

4.  Weight approximately 1.5 tons

5  The towing vehicle is usually parked close to  or behind the organ , together with a fence, to give  a safe working area and prevent public access wherever possible in addition to the areas stated above

6 A domestic  mains power supply of 240volt 13amp domestic  is required, or  a  generator capable of coping with a start up current of 30amps is needed. A 4.5kva generator can be provided

 7 All electrical cables wherever possible will be suspended above ground level.  Extension leads have 16amp blue outdoor connectors and will be protected by an RCD wherever possible

The Pianola

1. The pianola is weather susceptible and can only play in dry weather or under cover. e.g marquee, or barn - subject to vehicular access

2 A reasonably level area of up to 15ft in length, 8 ft wide and a headroom clearance of 8 ft, but ideally 9ft is required

3. Vehicular access minimum width 7ft and headroom 7ft is required

4. Weight approx 0.75 tons

5 A domestic power supply 240volt 13 amps is required. A generator can be provided for outdoor use only.

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